Steering Committee

The activities of the ECML PKDD community are guided by a steering committee, which consists of at most 4 chairs of the previous 3 editions of the ECML PKDD conference. The chairs ideally cover diverse roles in the organization of the conference. The current appointed members of the steering committee are:

At each year's conference, the steering committee organizes a community meeting and meets in a steering committee meeting before the community meeting. All chairs of the current and next edition of the conference are invited to attend the steering committee meeting. However, only appointed members of the steering committee are allowed to vote.

At most one week before the conference, the current chairs nominate at most 4 candidate members for the steering committee. The new steering committee is appointed by the outgoing steering committee during the steering committee meeting; the new steering committee assumes its position after being appointed.

The president of the steering committee is elected by the steering committee for a period of 4 years. At the end of the mandate of the outgoing president, members of the steering committee may nominate a candidate president. Nominations are sent to the outgoing president. The new president is elected during the steering committee meeting, by the incoming steering committee. The new president assumes her responsibilities at the end of the community meeting, which is chaired by the outgoing president.

The steering committee is responsible for decisions that have a long-term impact on the community. This includes, e.g., the transfer of remaining funds from one conference to the next, long-term contracts with publishers and support software, etc.

For these tasks, the committee assigns the following roles to suitable members of the community; they are also considered appointed members of the steering committee: