ECML PKDD is an abbreviation for the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases. In the 1990s, two independent conferences on Machine Learning and Data Mining existed in Europe, called ECML and PKDD. Since 2001, a single event has been organized, referred to as ECML PKDD, in which members of the research communities on Machine Learning and Data Mining in Europe meet every year. You can check the full list of conferences here.

The aim of this website (as well as the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts linked to it) is to provide this community an online presence. More concretely, our goal is to provide information about the conference series that is not specific to one edition of the conference.

This website was created under the auspices of the steering committee of ECML PKDD. It is edited by its communication chairs. At this moment this is Siegfried Nijssen (siegfried.nijssen@uclouvain.be).

Send us a message if you have suggestions or questions about this website.

Which information will be posted is at the discretion of the communication chairs. The following guidelines are taken into account:

  • Items have to be relevant to the European machine learning and data mining research community
  • Items need to have a specific European dimension

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